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Variable Eyesight Test


This Section shows the ViewM's Self Vision Tester's technology and you can check

out the full details of Vison Tester enable to be used by the common users.

This can help the people to care for the health individually and

improve the daily life, be under the industry of health care everyday


By using this valuable device, User can conduct the eyesight

test for the purpose of single, both and quick mode in total,

which are each respectively the single mode only for single

test, both mode included single and both test at the same

time.Particularly this has the quick mode to be fitted well for

the school and medical check up center in its application as

saving the testing time required.

Convenient and Easy Operation

When the user places the forehead on the supporter for evaluating the eyesight,

the test will be started up automatically.  And then the instruction guide by the

electronic voice will let the users proceed the test independently.  Simple way to

operate the device coming up only with Joystick and button while doing the test!




Main Features

Support for three different of eyesight measures, Alarming notice enable to be aware of the

low eyesight value, Printing the result of test,Indicator of green LED for showing the playing status,

Variable measurement distance(5m, 50cm), 13 steps of wide testing range(0.1~2.0)  

Available both in Korean and English for the instruction guide by the electronic voice,

Being able to connect the external device for the sake of transmitting the result of eyesight value





Name of Product


Measurment Distance


LCD Chart


Power Source




Measurment Range type A


Measurment Range type B


Measurment Range type C


Control Device




The selection mode of Distance


Rear of Pannel















Self Vision Tester


Short Distance(50cm), Long Distance(5m)


Landolt Rings


DC + 12V 5.0A (Power Adapter)


209(W) x 321(L) x 363(H)mm








Joystick and Button


Thermal Printing


Dial Knob


Volume : Buzzer Sound, Electronic Voice Message


The function of Option 1 Button : Single/Both/Quick Mode/Others


The function of Option 2 Button : Play/Time/Setting/Type


Feed Button of Paper : Printing the Paper


Connecting to the External Device : Serial Port(RS232C)


Power Switch/Power In


Windows CE, Application


Instruction Manual, Power Adopter, Power Code, Cover for removing dust and dirty

ViewM Technology Co., Ltd.

4 F, 25, Heungan-daero, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, 15809  

TEL      +82 31 453 0202


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