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VIEWM's vision chart system is a combination of cutting-edge digital technology and polarization technology.

By default, it provides a variety of clear targets

Digital Chart System

Random control function

The VLC-1900 system allows the patient to memorize a specific target or direction.

In order to prevent errors in the visual acuity test, the random adjustment function is used to

number,  English, Korean, Randolt, Snellen, the location of the children's table and

by converting the array  A convenient eye test is possible.


A slide animation function is supported to induce children's attention.

And when not in use, it shows a slideshow explaining ophthalmic symptoms and prescriptions.

slide function

Inspection distance control function

Depending on the optometry space, the inspection distance is from 1.5m to 6m in 0.25m increments.

It has user settings that can be easily set up.


  soft  design

The white color and soft curved design go well in any space.  It creates an optometry environment.

앵커 1



LCD Type               19inch SXGA TFT LCD  


Resolution       1280 x 1024  Pixels


Chart window size       300 (H) X 375 (W) mm


brightness                   200~260 lux (10 steps adjustable)


Chart type              Randolt, Snellen, Korean, English, Numeric, Russian, Japanese, Children, Special Mark (VLC-1900: Red/Green Mark Separated)

                      Mask (Horizontal, Vertical, Single Optotype), Animation, Colorblindness, Amsler, Red/Green 3D


Chart conversion speed          1 Frame / 0.01sec


System Booting Time      30 sec

R/G control function            Steps 1 to 31 (R/G filter and R/G chart)


contrast contrast sensitivity       75%, 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%, 7.5%, 5%, 3%, 1.5%


Red/Green Reversal               O


Reverse Schober Target      O


Chart Point             O


Clock Dial Rotating      O


Number Type           "Round or Square"


Inspection/Measurement Distance           1.5M ~ 6M (0.25 step adjustment)

storage               SD card (2GB)

POWER               Input : AC 100V ~ 240V, 50 / 60 Hz  Output : DC 12V / 5A adapter


Power Consumption               40W


Remocon Wireless          IR DA communication method


Remocon Wired          RS 232  communication method   


Remocon Channel          1 to 8 channels  


body size / weight         (H) 362 X (W) 436 X (D) 59.5 mm / 5.5 kg

Remocon size / increase     (H) 232.5 X (W) 69.5 X (D) 26 mm / 200g

peristalsis                  Poropter interworking support

Accessories               Power adapter, power cord, wall mount, manual

Options               Floor Stand, Red/Green Glasses, View M Remote Control, Commercial Remote Control (Including Battery), Auto Poropter Transmission Cable,

                     remote charger,  table stand


ViewM Technology Co., Ltd.

4F, Dasong Building, 25 Heungan-daero, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, 15809 (694-29 Geumjeong-dong)  

TEL       031 453 0202


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