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VIEWM's vision chart system is a combination of cutting-edge digital technology and polarization technology.

By default, it provides a variety of clear targets

Random control function

The SCS-3200 system allows the patient to memorize a specific target or direction.

In order to prevent errors in the visual acuity test, the random adjustment function is used to

number,  English, Korean, Randolt, Snellen, the location of the children's table and

by converting the array  A convenient eye test is possible.

slide function

A slide animation function is supported to induce children's attention.

And when not in use, it shows a slideshow explaining ophthalmic symptoms and prescriptions.

Full  Chart

By implementing a 32-inch vertical full HD screen on the acrylic full chart Full HD high-resolution LCD used by vomiting ophthalmologists,

By supporting the fandom full chart function that can be implemented in the existing full chart, it helps to make an accurate eyesight test.

* Only for SCS-3200 products


  modern design

white color and stylish  Silver bezel design fits well in any space  It creates an optometry environment.



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