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VRK  -2400

We help you take accurate measurements more comfortably

It inspects the refractive power of the eye quickly and in various measurement modes and provides additional and convenient functions necessary for optometry.

Fully equipped VIEWM's high-quality VRK-2400 optometrist.

Various measurement modes

Equipped with various measurement modes such as Refractometry measurement mode (REF Mode), Keratometry measurement mode (KER Mode), continuous Keratometry & Refractometry measurement mode (K/RMode), contact lens base cover measurement mode (CLBC Mode), and automatic measurement mode (Auto Start). have.


It measures the diameter (PD) of the cornea, pupil, and hard contact lens worn by the subject through the fixation function, and supports IOL and corneal size measurement.

wide measuring range

It supports a wide range of refraction measurements from S-25D to +22D, and supports a radius of curvature from 5.0mm to 10.2mm when measuring corneal curvature.


  modern design

black  color & white  The design fits well in any space  It creates an optometry environment.

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Corneal inter-apical distance (VD)      0.0, 12.0, 13.5, 15.0


Spherical Power (SPH)          -25.00 to +22.00D (when VD=12mm) (in units of 0.12/0.25D)


Astigmatism (CLC)           0.00~  ±10.00D  (0.12/0.25D units)


Astigmatism axis angle (AX)          1~180˚ (in units of 1˚)


astigmatism                -,+,MIX


Pupillary distance (PD)           10-88mm


Measurable minimum pupil diameter       ∮2.0mm






corneal radius of curvature             5.0~10.2mm (0.01mm increments)


corneal power              33.00 ~ 67.50D (when the corneal equivalent refractive power is 1.3375) (0.05 / 0.12 / 0.25D increments)


corneal astigmatism           0.00 to -15.00D (0.05/0.12/0.25D increments)


corneal astigmatism axis angle         1 ~ 180 ˚ (in 1˚ increments)


corneal diameter measurement            0.8  ~ 14.0mm (in 0.1mm increments)


storage memory            left and right eyes  10 measurements


built-in printer            Thermal line printer


monitor                 5.7 inch TFT  LCD  monitor


rated voltage              AC100-240V, 50/60Hz  


Power Consumption              40-55 VA


size                 273(W) 501(D) 473(H) mm


weight                 about 20 kg


environmental conditions


    operating environment          Temperature     : +10℃ ~ +40


                    Humidity   : 30% ~ 85% RH


                     atmospheric pressure  : 70 to 106 kPa


    Storage and transport  environment   Temperature     : +10℃ ~ +55


                    Humidity   : 10% ~ 95% RH


                    atmospheric pressure  : 50 to 106 kPa

ViewM Technology Co., Ltd.

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