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2016  View M Technology Workshop

앵커 1

Hey everyone  Hi


If you ask me why I'm on a boat...

That's the president's room...


for a unique workshop  

​ I came to Taean to do sea fishing!!!!!!!

It was a weekday, so it was not crowded and I came quickly.  

In no time, we arrived at the fishing ground located in Anmyeon-do.

take a commemorative photo  

​ Go to the fishing spot behind me

When you sit down and wait for the fish to come up

​ A word from the boss...

"The one who catches many fish has a reward."

"The one who catches many fish has a reward."

"The one who catches many fish has a reward."

BuM employees who get fish!!!!!!!!!!

The taste is tingling

​ hehe

The two formed Dumb and Dumber haha





​ We also talked about Dorando and enjoyed fishing while eating pre-cut rook sashimi.  

​ I couldn't take a picture of the sashimi because I was eating..//

Even on the swaying bridge

even sitting on a chair  

​ Fishing Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here​ You shouldn't do this hahaha 

The net was rolled up and the remaining fish were caught.

There were conspiracy theories about where all the fish went while fishing.


safely?! I could catch them all



A commemorative photo with a fish ​

​ The male employees who go to the fisherman's st garage and go to sashimi!!!!

Thumbs up!!!

A game of volleyball before dinner

pick a team  Participated in the competition with enthusiasm

​ It was a time where I laughed a lot with an unexpected slapstick lol.

Bountiful BBQ party

We talked a lot through the night  

​ It was a time to reconsider the helpful things such as the direction and cooperation of VIEWM.

next day​ On the beach right in front of the pension  take a commemorative photo

eat cold noodles  

The 2016 VIEWM Technology Workshop was completed.

ViewM Technology Co., Ltd.

4F, Dasong Building, 25 Heungan-daero, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, 15809 (694-29 Geumjeong-dong)  

TEL       031 453 0202


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